Girl takes selfie collection of daily dose of catcallers!

Every woman everywhere has had to put up with this torrent of abuse...

"Give us a kiss love!" This is the kind of drivel every woman has heard in her life, be it your mother, sister, daughter, or wife, women everywhere have to run the gauntlet of this tiresome tirade everyday of their lives.

For Noa Jansma, she decided that she had had enough and started to post selfies of her harassers, whose "harmless" fun was ruining hers, and countless millions of other women's lives.

Noa and a
Noa and a "harmless" catcaller
Screenshot / Instagram / dearcatcallers

Noa's project is called #dearcatcallers, and her rogue's gallery is open for all to see.

The 20 year old spent a month taking selfies of all those men who felt the need to share a "harmless piece of fun" with her, and what follows is a constant barrage of unsolicited advances of men of all ages, and walks of life. So sure of their bravado are they that they happily pose in her selfie gallery.

Her intention is to draw attention to the extent of just how much women are objectivised by men.

The smug attitude of the stalkers says a thousand words, each photo is a portrait of crass thoughtlessness and lack of empathy.

Noa encourages others to post their harassment pictures on #dearcatcallers, to show and shame, and highlight this unspoken problem.

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Published at 12.10.2017 / 10:48 by Carolyn Smith