10 cans of Coke a day!!!

George Prior, 50, from L.A. has always been healthy.

He decided that he would show people the ill effects of soft drinks on a healthy body, and committed himself to drinking 10 cans of Coke a day for a month.

The result was pretty horrific!

He gained 2 stone, lost his muscles, and developed a paunch, as well as soaring blood pressure and intense sugar cravings.

He was clearly suffering from sugar addiction, as well as excessively depressed bodily functions.

He was on a Coke-diet for a month

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His aim was to show the harmful effects of the high sugar levels in Coca Cola.

After 30 days he saw drastic changes

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His blood pressure soared to 145/96, as opposed to an ideal of 120/80.

This popular drink can be dangerous for your health.

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These are results after only a month:

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This is George Prior before and after the experiment:

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After the experiment he felt anxious the whole time and craved sweets.

"Everything is moderation", is the maxim, and in this case that is very, very true.

Coke maybe it, but 10 cokes aren't.

Maybe next time instead of having a straight coke, maybe add some rum or vodka for a healthier tipple ;)

Published at 12.09.2016 / 21:00 by Carolyn Smith