13 year old boy constructed his very own house, wait till you see inside his 100 sq ft palace

You won't believe when you see inside...

13 year old Luke Thill from Dubuque, Iowa, is not like all his teenage friends. This young man has built his own house in his parent's garden. The whole project cost an estimated $15,000, but Luke now lives in his own dream mini-palace.


The 13 year old school goer explained that the idea arose from the boredom that he felt at the holidays.

Luke did all kinds of jobs to raise money, he mowed people's lawns, raised money online, and did odd jobs, and deliveries for neighbours. An electrician friend helped him wire up the house in return for his garage being given a good spring cleaning.

Around 3/4 of the materials had been used before, many were leftovers from his grandmother's house. The front door, for example, came from a friend of his uncle's.


The 100 square feet house has electricity, but has no running water.

"I like minimalism", said Luke to the Des Moines Register. "I wanted a house without a bank loan. I see this as my first home."

Take a look inside in our video:

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Published at 12.10.2017 / 10:19 by Carolyn Smith