30 years ago she bought a ring at the market, now she finds out how much it's worth today!

Sometimes lady luck shines on us all...

The evaluation of a diamond is usually done using the four C's: Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat. All of these are important in the purchasing of a diamond, however some say that there is a fifth C that is equally important: Cost.


With this hidden at the back of her mind, back in the 80's something happened to catch a lady's eye at a car boot sale near Middlesex Hospital in London...


The owner of the ring wishes to remain anonymous, but confirmed that she bought the diamond for £10 at a car boot sale. Because of its size she assumed that it was some form of theatre accessory, but liked it anyway.



According to The Telegraph she wore the ring every day for 30 years without ever knowing its true value. But one day she decided to go to a local jeweler and was left shocked.

Her "Tenner" ring turned out to be a 26.27 carat diamond! Further analysis showed that it was a nineteenth century stone, but its provenance was no longer known.


Hidden for years it was now time for the diamond to shine!

piedra de anillo
piedra de anillo

The cushion shaped jewel was finally estimated at £350,000 before it went under the hammer recently at Sotherbys. The final price, an astounding £656,750, a lifetime of wages for the lady!

If you have any old jewelry at home perhaps you should take it for an evaluation, you never know...


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Published at 15.07.2017 / 14:15 by Carolyn Smith