A couple found this smelly ball on the beach, and it is so rare it's worth over £100,000!

Would you have picked it up?


Gary and Angela Williams went for one of their usual walks on the beach close to their home in Overton, England. Then they found this strange, foul smelling object, that reeked of fish.

Ambergris ball
Ambergris ball

The strange "stone" reeked of fish, but rather than just leave it, Angela insisted on taking it because she had seen a story on TV before about whale vomit...

Whale vomit is very much desired and is called Ambergris

Ambergris is very rare, and sells for tens of thousands of pounds at specialist auctions.

The ball of ambergris weighed 1.57 kilos, giving a value of £60,000 - £100,000. Negotiations for something like this take time to finalise and interested buyers are found in places from New Zealand to France.

It is an essential ingredient in the making of quality perfumes, enhancing the scent, and making it last much longer.

I bet you never knew you were wearing whale vomit!

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Published at 17.11.2017 / 14:16 by Carolyn Smith