Your bank is now open 24 hours a day!!!!

Sick of spending your lunch hour queuing at the bank? Tired of bank statements piling up at home? There is another way – the Numbrs app!


This app enables you to carry out all your bank transactions on your smartphone – simply, easily and above all, more securely than you can with a traditional bank. Swiss start-up Centralway consists of just under 150 employees and security experts, and was founded by Martin Saidler, an experienced online entrepreneur who understands exactly what young bank customers want. As reported by Techcrunch, Finanz und Wirtschaft and FAZ, over 1.5 million account holders already use the free Numbrs app to manage their finances. Users who have already registered with Numbrs are impressed, as is evident from the wealth of feedback in the App Store and Play Store.

Not only can you manage your day-to-day finances with ease; budget forecasts mean you can plan for the future as well. You can apply for loans, accounts and credit cards from leading banks through the app. All it takes is a few clicks – no piles of paperwork involved. Another practical benefit is the option of having a live chat with store experts. After all, who wants to stand around waiting to be served by a bank teller these days?

Numbrs is currently available as a free download for iOS and Android in Germany, and will soon be released in the UK. Hopefully other countries will also benefit from Numbrs soon.

Published at 11.01.2017 / 18:03