Dad puts his son in a washing machine for fun, but then it starts...

A family came to the laundrette to do some washing, but also to play around it seems. They quickly learned that maybe there are other places better suited to high jinks than a fully functioning laundrette.

It seems that the father found it funny to put his young son in a washing machine, but when he closed the door he wasn't laughing anymore. The machine put itself in autocycle, locking the little boy in and putting him in deadly danger.

The event was filmed by the laundrette's security cameras. Look and see the real sense of panic as both mother and father frantically try to rescue the boy in a deadly race against time ...

For those of you worried about the boy's safety, worry no more. Not only was the boy unharmed, with just some small cuts and bruises on his legs, but he found the whole thing hilarious and came out laughing.

This is one family that will be more careful about their washing in the future!

Published at 02.09.2016 / 15:22 by María Isabel