Dog saves baby's life from almost certain death


Usually we read stories about animal rescue, where courageous humans save their pets from disaster. But this story is different - it’s the other way around.

Way and her pups.
Way and her pups.

Animals get accused of only following their innate behaviors and instincts. They are considered to lack any kind of feelings. But this stray proves us all wrong.

It was a cold winter night, as the dog, called Way, heard screams - it was a baby. The poor little human was abandoned by her mother. It was only a few months old and wouldn't have stood a chance in these cold and ghastly conditions.

Way approached the helpless creature and took it back to its “nest”. The dog had just given birth to its own pups. She laid down in her nest and gave the young creatures her warmth.

On the next day, some helpers heard the screams of the baby and went to look for it and found it with Way, giving the young human her love and warmth.

The men took the baby and brought it to the closest hospital. Despite a light hypothermia, the kid was well and didn’t need to be treated otherwise. What would have happened if Way hadn’t stepped in to save the baby’s life?

This heartwarming story has been spread all over Argentina and immediately a family was found for Way and her young pups. The baby also found a new home and now has the chance to grow up!

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