Ever wanted to be Willy Wonka? Now you can!

It was actually Charlie Bucket that won the golden ticket, but you could be a Charlie too, if you look...

The latest news in the ongoing saga about the new £5 note is that some of them are special. So special that they could be worth anywhere between £20,000 and £50,000 each.

One of the Jane Austen mini-etchings on the 4 lucky £5 notes.

Bank of England

World renowned “micro engraver” Graham Short, from Birmingham, got the job of etching a mini image of Jane Austen in between Big Ben and Winston Churchill.

There are only 4 of these, so if you are the lucky one, you can only expect the value to go up and up, and up!


Share the story with your friends, maybe if they win they'll share some of the windfall with you?

Published at 07.12.2016 / 07:00 by LikeMag Team