Firemen fought to put out the fire, but then they saw the dog had something in her mouth...


The bond between mother and child is the strongest thing in the world, this holds true for animals, as well as people.

Recently, when a family home caught fire, this strength of this relationship was shown. But even as the firefighters were dousing the fire, the drama was only taking place.

When the firemen arrived, the first thing they do is make sure that everyone is brought to safety.


When the flames attacked this family home in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, firemen were at the scene in minutes. Fortunately, all the family escaped, but some had minor burns.

It was only when firefighters were collecting up their things did they discover that someone else had survived the fire, someone they had not found.


Amanda the dog saw the fire and brought her puppies to the safest place she could thing of, the fire engine!

Once the firemen found them, they kept them warm until a vet arrived to check to see that they were all okay.



When the vet checked Amanda she had burns on different parts of her body, she had gone in the burning building several times to rescue her young ones, with no care for her own safety.

Amanda shows us that, come hell or high water, nothing can come between a mother and her children!


Mother's really are the best.

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Published at 19.04.2017 / 20:33 by Carolyn Smith