He found a black bin bag, and it changed his life forever

It started with a black bin bag on a river bank...

The love we have for our animals is unique. And this short film is a homage to that truism that dog is man's best friend. This video is about a puppy and the people that saved him. There is a twist, it's not the people that speak, it's all from the dog's perspective.

Our vignette opens with the man finding and saving the puppy from the river, then follows his life and the dog's life unfolding together. The love that develops and the heartfelt thanks that the man has for the dog, for all that his given to him, his family, his loved ones. We've never seen such an endearing homage for such a good friend before:

Watch it here now:

Published at 11.01.2017 / 07:00 by James Miller