How do you fancy a 100k a year job? But there is a catch...

Fancy a job cleaning homes for 100k a year?

A company is paying £45 per hour to clean houses, but there's a catch... must be female, and be willing to work NAKED!

This unusual advert for "Naturist Cleaners" is causing a stir. The advert reads:

“We are looking for female naturist cleaners who can clean private houses nude. The job will require doing all general cleaning like dusting, tidying up, vacuuming, watering plants, making beds, using the washing machine, ironing clothes and cleaning windows.”

The company is called Naturist Cleaners. They offer naked cleaning services for the naturists in the comfort of their own home.

They began in London 2 years ago, and are now expanding.

But they claim that there is nothing untoward about it, and there is no sexual dimension to the business whatsoever.

If you are too shy to clean in your birthday suit, you can wear clothes, but the chances are that your clients might be naked! It is after all a service for naturists.

Rates for clothed workers are, obviously, much lower, and are similar to other cleaning job rates.

Naturist Cleaners say they believe in the "liberty of the true human form and the serenity of a spotlessly-cleaned home".

They are seeking cleaners of "all ages and figures".

But there are a few rules:

No pictures or videos can be taken and cleaners cannot be touched.

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Published at 12.01.2017 / 07:00 by Carolyn Smith