Lost in the woods for 7 hours, when the rescue team found him they were amazed!

What an incredible story!

When police in Suffolk, England were alerted that a man had gotten lost in the woods for several hours, they knew there was only one way that they could find him.

With 67 year old Martin Kay went into a boggy area on January 18, he got lost, and got stuck in the mud. After several hours his friend reported his absence to the authorities.

Using thermal imaging, the police helicopter flew over the wooded area, and two hours later they located him.

But what surprised them more was what they found next to him.

YouTube / SuffolkPolice

His faithful dog had been with him the whole time, as can be clearly seen in the thermal images.

Two police officers tried to pull him from the mud, but he was stuck too firmly. They covered Martin with their jackets and waited for reinforcements. Not long after they were able to release the 67 year, and being him and his faithful dog to safety.

Check out the impressive rescue video:

A big hand to the emergency services, they did their job well,and Martin fully recovered from his ordeal.

Here is Martin with all the rescue team.

Suffolk Constabulary
Published at 09.05.2017 / 21:48 by Carolyn Smith