Make a scented candle with just some oil and a mandarin

Mandarins, tangerines, clementines and satsumas.

We love them, they're great, but did you know you can do more with them than just eat them?

Mandarins are a great source of vitamins, and we use them to decorate lots of foods, but there's always one thing left over: the skin.

But now you can use them, and turn your evening into a perfect cozy time by making them into a candle.

You only need:

  • a mandarin
  • a knife
  • a lighter, or matches
  • olive oil

Cut the mandarin in two across the middle

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Remove the skin

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Pour in a few tablespoons of olive oil

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Cut a vent hole in the other half

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This will allow oxygen to flow and light your candle up nicely

Now you can light your candle

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Now you have a deliciously scented candle, that will make your night so cozy

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Watch our video here for more instructions

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Published at 10.12.2016 / 07:00 by Carolyn Smith