Man who tried to sneak into zoo without paying, pays with his life!

This man wanted to visit the zoo without paying, but ended up paying with his life...

The victim, a Mr. Zhang was mauled to death by tigers at a zoo at Dongqian Lake, Zhejiang Province, China.

Wanting to avoid paying, he and a friend, decided to climb over a wall, whilst both their wives and children entered as paying visitors.

But Zhang, a first time visitor to the zoo himself, was unaware that his short cut led him through the tiger enclosure. His friend, having perhaps more presence of mind did not immediately follow and survived physically unharmed.

In front of screaming visitors and Zhang's own wife and children he was mauled by the tigers, and succumbed to his wounds later in hospital.

Staff managed to scare the tigers away with firecrackers, but not before one of the tigers was shot dead by police.


Zhang being mauled in the tiger enclosure

Tiger kill
Tiger kill
Daily Star

This family day out ended in death for one stupid person, and an innocent tiger. When will people learn that mixing people and wild animals in this way always causes pain and suffering?

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Published at 02.07.2017 / 19:56 by Carolyn Smith