One of the country's biggest gyms is now offering classes in... napping!

This is the best reason ever to join a gym...

David Lloyd Gyms have come up with a novel way to combat the fatigue of everyday city life - "Napcercise"!

Do a 15 minute workout, followed by a 45 minute power nap, napcercise for short.

It may sound like a gimmick, but there is method in their madness. Many, if not most of us suffer from sleep deprivation, and the ability to have power naps can greatly improve efficiency, and our quality of life.

And folks, you CAN try this at home! Just watch their video here, and see what you think...


They are equipped with everything: individual beds, subtle music, and a room temperature that helps burn calories.

The idea came after staff noticed how many members were always tired, after some research they found 86% of all their members suffered from lack of sleep.

And sleep expert Kathryn Pinkham says that "lack of sleep brings with it a greater risk of anxiety and depression, it takes away the energy necessary to exercise regularly and also mental clarity to make good decisions about food that We eat, which could have a negative impact "

Share this useful knowledge with your friends, and let the siesta begin!

Published at 03.07.2017 / 20:22 by Carolyn Smith