Prince Charles and Camilla can't keep a straight face at official Inuit ceremony

Not usually one to rub someone's face in it, Prince Charles and Camilla find deep throat just too much!

Once upon a time climate change was called Global Warming, and this is something that has the Inuit people of Canada rightly worried. At a recent conference in their capital Iqaluit, Prince Charles, and Duchess Camilla were the guests of honour, and how better to honour these dignitaries, but with some throat singing.

Throat singing is a common tradition amongst many peoples from Mongolia, Siberia, and the Inuit, however Inuit throat music is different in that it is performed in unison. And it is perhaps this effect that seems to be too much for the royals to swallow.

But see for yourself as they try to stifle their smirks in our video:

De voorstelling werkt flink op de lachspieren
De voorstelling werkt flink op de lachspieren
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Try as they might, it is too much for the royals to completely stifle, and their frosty exteriors can no longer belie their obvious mirth.

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Published at 06.07.2017 / 20:09 by Carolyn Smith