She was playing quietly at home, when something bit her...

The poor thing!

Ella Williamson is only 3 years old, and recently she was brought to hospital in Kent, England, after having been bitten by an insect.

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The little girl was playing in her bedroom when she was bitten by a spider. But this was no ordinary spider, it was a False Widow spider, the same family as the dreaded Black Widow!

After being bitten her bite started to look very worrysome:

The Mirror

Two days later the bite was 3 times the size, and the pain was unbearable. Emma could barely move her legs, that was when her mother Bobbie-Louise Willis took her to the hospital.

Bobbie-Louise, who was pregnant with her second child, said,

"It was the worst time of my life. I thought something was eating her from the inside. It just kept getting bigger." "She was given antibiotics and sent home, but the day after it had tripled in size and looked like her leg was being eaten away."


The Mirror
Her mother said, "She wouldn't let me touch it. So she must have been suffering in pain. I would hate to see anyone go through what she went through."


This is the guilty spider:

The Mirror
"I took her back to hospital as she was being sick and was really poorly. I was very worried, at first I thought it might be meningitis, so horrible thoughts were going through my head.

"We waited for a skin specialist, who said it was a false widow spider bite.

"She couldn't walk and had to be carried everywhere. It was horrible to see my daughter in that way."

She was brought to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent, where they could treat her


It took a month for the scabs to started getting better, and three months for it to heal completely. Ella, has no permanent physical scars, but now she has a phobia about spiders.

Bobbie-Louise, who caught a false widow a year before the attack, said, "I always used to put spiders outside, but after seeing what Ella went through I would definitely kill one straight away now."


False Widows are unwelcome visitors to Britain's shores, and come with the warm summer weather. If you suspect a False Widow bite, do not delay and contact your GP or hospital straight away.

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Published at 09.05.2017 / 21:48 by Carolyn Smith