Switzerland’s first unicorn has been found! Have you heard of it?

Fintech Centralway Numbrs receives EUR 55 million investment from the Dubai state fund. This means the company is expected to become the first unicorn in Switzerland.


Today, one thing became clear – Europe finally has an Internet company that can hold its own against the Americans, although amazingly few people know about it: Centralway Numbrs.

Launched in 2014, the Centralway Numbrs app has a lot to show for itself already: the Centralway company has managed to attract investments of CHF 125 million, as reported by Techcrunch and Finanz und Wirtschaft. And now the Dubai state fund has come on board with a major capital injection. All of this means the low-profile company is fast securing its position among Europe’s most successful and valuable fintechs. The man behind the company is Martin Saidler, one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs in Europe, who has already chalked up plenty of achievements in the online world over the last 20 years (as reported by Börsenpoint).

With Centralway Numbrs, users can carry out all their bank transactions via a smartphone app. The technology behind it is not just fast – it also has a greater level of security than traditional banks can offer. The start-up is supported by some of the most important finance companies in the world and is already helping over 1.5 million account holders carry out their financial transactions.

Centralway Numbrs users can not only manage their day-to-day finances with ease; budget forecasts mean they can plan for the future as well. Users can acquire loans, accounts and credit cards from leading banks through the app. After a successful start in German-speaking countries (as reported by FAZ), Centralway Numbrs has announced that it's about to expand into the UK and other countries. And so Europe finally has an Internet company that can hold its own against the Americans.

Published at 11.01.2017 / 18:08