There's another unwelcome European guest that is hitting our shores

Unscrupulous gangs are now rigging ATMs around the country in time for the Christmas rush...

On those dark evenings pay extra attention to your bank machine, or it may cost you!


From the heart of Austria, home of the music of Mozart and Schubert a different melody is playing, one where unwittingly all your data is swiped when you swipe your card.


By placing an extra slot on top of the card insert slot gangs can read all your card's details, including account number, and pin code. From there it is a simple process to replicate your card and empty your account before you know that you have been hit.

Luckily this scam is relatively easy to spot, as you can see from our video:


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Published at 28.10.2017 / 16:37 by Carolyn Smith