Woman who abandoned 35 kittens in a park gets sentenced...

Michelle M. Murray was recently convicted of abandoning 35 kittens in a park at night.

19 Park Rangers spent hours finding and rescuing all the cats. Many of the kittens developed respiratory problems, and nine later died.

The cats were traced back to Murray because they had identification collars on them!

In her defence at court Murray claimed that a neighbour had left all the kittens on her doorstep, and animal welfare organisations refused to help. This allegation has been denied.

This then was her raison d'etre for abandoning and causing the deaths of 9 kittens.

Sentencing, judge Michael Cicconetti of Painesville, Ohio, USA gave her 2 choices:

  1. 90 days in jail for domestic animal abandonment or
  2. 14 days in jail, 15 days under house arrest, a $3,200 donation to the Humane Society a $500 donation to the park rangers who found the kittens, and she had to spend one night alone in the woods.

She will be escorted to a remote location without food, water, mobile fun, entertainment, nothing other than the clothes on her back, but she was not limited to how much she could wear.


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It is a pity that she could not be given a stiffer sentence, but this is something she will never, ever forget.

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Published at 11.01.2017 / 07:00 by Carolyn Smith